1. See the Legal & Privacy link below for details about how we handle personal information supplied during the purchase process, and your options regarding our retention of such information. (No personal information is shared with third-parties).
  2. The software is specific to Microsoft Windows. (It may install and run under Windows emulations on Macs, although Help links within each application will not work).
  3. *For commercial users the unregistered download version can be used for evaluation purposes only, for a reasonable interval that must not exceed two months. The software must be registered for continued commercial use. Academic users who wish to exceed the plot window restriction of GEOrient, or access the full File I/O capabilities and drillhole calculations of GeoCalculator must also purchase registration.
  4. **The unregistered packages can be used freely (notes) by academics (teachers and students) for teaching and non-commercial research purposes, but please acknowledge the author in any publication or figure arising from the use of these packages.
  5. Although every effort is made to rectify bugs as they are recognized, the author cannot guarantee that these packages are without error, and assumes no responsibility for their use, or for interpretations based on their use.
  6. Frequent field work commitments may occasionally delay my ability to handle email queries promptly